Angry Malema

Oh Ju Ju. How unhappy you make me.
Oh people of the random internetweb, how happy you make me.
Some genious wonderchild out there, who is without a doubt Einstein’s second cousin, twice removed, has created a website that in it’s wonderfulness has made me so happy. It makes having to drag my ass out of bed every day, a that much more pleasurable experience.
For they have created something great, they have created the Angry Malema website.
Here’s how it works.
They provide you with this picture of the man himself, in all his angry, little foot stomping glory.
And all you have to do is cut him out and plop him into any situation you like. Then you share on the site.
Here are some examples:
cackle, cackle, cackle….

and back to bwahahahahahahhahahahahahaa again.
I can just imagine him stomping his feet, and balling up his fists in an angry rage when he sees this. Then trying to shut down the internet for good. Bloody Agents, the lot of you.
He’s going to throw a big floppy, something like this:
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