And now for a map of the world's boob sizes

Hooray for Charlotte Spicer (who drew this to my attention), hooray for Life is Savage (who got there before me), hooray for the internetweb (who is wonderful in penis and boobie abundance!)

Yesterday we had a map showing the sizes of penises, today it’s boobies!

Here it is, a map of boob sizes around the world:

drum roll please:

click to enlarge.

And here’s the key:
So, I’d say you’re looking at either Norway or Russia for your next holiday if you’re a guy, and China or some parts of Africa if you’re a breast enhancing surgeon. 
It says we’re generally ‘B Cups’ here in South Africa. Well speak for yourselves, I say, smugly.

Shame poor China, small boobs and small winkies, that must totally suck!


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