Am I too gullible, or is this awesome?

As I’ve already mentioned here a couple of times, I tend to get quite a bit of crazy-ass but flippen amazing mail in response to the Sunday Times Column every week.

On Sunday night I got this letter i’ve copied and pasted in verbatim, below.

Now you tell me, am I just being gullible, and it’s actually from a 49 year old podiatrist from Belhar, pulling my leg. (That’s the beauty of the internet, right? ) Or do incredible kids like this actually exist in the world?

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I loved the article about “No need for Bring a Pig to Work Day”! it was hilarious!!!!!

I am only 13, so i don’t go to work, but high school is a similar ball game, but you don’t get paid for it. i laughed so much!

and i think a nap at work is a good idea, but a map in school is even better! that way my math, E.M.S and my afrikaans teachers will stop shouting at me for falling asleep in their classes.

Awesome article!!!!!!!!

check ya later

Let me list the reasons this kid is awesome:

1. I wasn’t smart enough to read a newspaper when I was 13. (Except for Dagwood and Garfield!)
2. Not one single spelling mistake or text speak word that I could see in the whole letter.
3. She falls asleep at school! I used to fall asleep at school! See, awesome!

Unless I’m just being gullible and it’s actually from a 59 year old financial advisor from Brakpan.

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4 responses to “Am I too gullible, or is this awesome?”

  1. david says:

    “nap at work is a good idea, but a map in school”

    That YOUR typo luv?

    peace 😉

  2. I wasn’t gonna mention that, David…

    Anyhoo, I don’t think I have ever read the newspaper except for JobMail for jobs.

  3. Jenny says:

    Hi Paige

    You are not gullible – Bailey is 13 and is incredible – I know this because SHE is my child.


  4. paige says:

    Hello Jenny/clever mom.
    Thanks for posting.
    Bailey is incredible.
    I’ll alter my he’s to she’s immediately.

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