A little collection

I once almost started collecting tea cups, I got as far as six gorgeous ones before I realised I didn’t have the space in my home to collect anything that doesn’t pack flat.
That’s why I tell myself that books are okay to collect. Eventhough they clutter every spare space in my home, and are in so many different towering piles that sometimes I worry they’ll come crashing down on me in the middle of the night and squash me flat. But maybe that wouldn’t be too bad, cos at least then I’d pack flat and somebody could collect me. (Eish, that got creepy quickly.)
I once saw this scene in a movie (I forget which one – please let me know if it rings a bell, I’d love to watch it again) where a man gave another man a beautiful box-set of books as a gift, all leather bound and special-like, but there was a space in the box where one of the books in the series was missing. And on the card he had written: ‘A man should always have something to search for.’
It’s always stuck with me. I think of it whenever I wander into a musty, dusty old second-hand store and look around for something to buy, I wonder what it is that I’m searching for.
So about this collection. Some time ago Robyn from this fab blogposted this pic:
That’s my latest book, it’s a comedy, just in case you like to read that kind of thing.

It was taken on a day her and her boyfriend had spent rambling around Simonstown, and I love it. It just feels so right that my book was being enjoyed on a leisurely day, with a good cup of coffee, or a lovely cup of tea.

Then yesterday I was sent this picture:

Same book, different cover. Did I mention that it’s available now, for a limited time only, at all good book stores.

This pic was taken by Lesley Liebenberg, who was kind, clever, and wonderful enough to have just picked my book up in Fourways, Joburg.

It made me feel all warm and hot chocolately inside.
So with two to get me started, this seems like a pretty good collection to me. Let me know if you have one to add. Coffee/Tea/Something to drink and a good book (mine preferably).
And hey, the nice thing about collecting pictures is that they pack flat.
Thank you Lesley, thanks Robyn. xxx

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  1. Bobby says:

    I like pretty teacups, but I think I like your new collection even better 🙂

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