a cartoon about drunk people? where do i sign up?

i am happier than a dog with two tails, or a south african man with a new power tool, to announce a brand new feature here at the blog place.

i recently stumbled across the most awesome of blogs. it’s a series of cartoons based on the lives of three boozy housemates living in cape town. and i love it. i love it alot.

it’s called juz, jax & el. and i believe you will love it too.

so here are a few, and i’ll be posting them regularly. because it would just be wrong not to.

this is one he made about the sunday morning after the loeries:

i love that he’s got stitches! wahahahahahahhaa.

har har this next one is funny. he made it when his two housemates went away on holiday and he was left on his own. cracks me up.

his blog is here. nice one juz, you are a clever thing on a clever day.

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