5 things NOT to do when online dating

so considering i’ve been lurking around an online dating website on and off for the last seven million years and i remain mostly single, i am aware that i may not be the best person to hand out advice about how to attract your soul mate online.

but since those folks who have succeeded are right this second snuggled up on the couch next to their pookie bear or their love bug, my advice is going to have to do. plus, it’s free.

so here it is then. 5 things you shouldn’t do when online dating:

1. remember, you don’t want to come across as too keen:
however! that being said, it is a dating website, and if you’re not into dating, and you don’t actually think the man for you even exists…. um well, i’m not sure there’s all that much more we can do for you here.
2. don’t lie.

five foot six inches… tall? really? dude, ‘TALL Dark Stranger’ – i don’t know so much…

3. it would be an added bonus if you weren’t either barking mad, or an alien from outer space:

4. seriously dudes, there’s no need to shout:

5a. don’t be a pig:

AND (two for the price of one)

5b. there’s nothing unsexier than bad spelling or not enough vowels.

so there you have it. five hopefully handy tips.

happy online dating.

i really hope you find ‘The One’. and if not ‘The One’, then at the very least i hope you find ‘The One That Can Spell or The One that Doesn’t Murder or Stalk You’.

3 responses to “5 things NOT to do when online dating”

  1. liquid pixel says:

    By the way, your TallDarkStranger is also dark blonde and has blue eyes! The very epitome of tall and dark, I’d say 😀

  2. peatree says:

    I also noted that TallDarkStranger sounds more like a dirty blonde midget 🙂
    thank goodness I am at home in bed with our toddler and the one I met online snoring contentedly beside us … jackpot!

  3. Anonymous says:

    O.M.G is this meant to be chauvinasm (sp?),chauvinism or chivalry?

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