15 things…

Somewhere along the way I’ve been lucky enough to virtually met Caroline.

She’s a fifteen year old Capetonian blogger who runs A Girl Called Caroline.

Click here to go check it out, it will blow you away.

She impresses me immensely. She keeps her blog fresh and updated often, and I love popping in every now and then to see what kinds of things go on in the mind of a 15 year old South African girl.

This fantastic new post on her blog caught my attention:


Click here to see what’s on her list:

(Spoiler alert) it contains things like:

Number 3: Lose weight

5: Say yes more often

7: Spend 24 hours awake, having a good time with my friends

10: Spend all my saved money at once

11: Play a videogame

12: Try every Cadbury chocolate (that is available in South Africa)


14: Do something illegal

Ahhh I remember being that girl.

Thought I’d re-evaluate these items on her list from a jaded 30-something’s perspective…

3: still trying to do it.

5: some say I do this too often.

7: Can I do exactly the same, but be in bed by eleven please? I’ve got a big day tomorrow.

10. Hello bond.

11: Do those interactive Google doodles count?

12: Gonna pretend I haven’t done it so I can keep on doing it.


14: Just a heads up, those friends who say they’ll bail you out rarely have the disposable cash.

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